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Our Mission

During all these years our company’s mission remains to provide the highest quality furniture with the most competitive price.
To be able to deliver on-time quality modern, scandinavian and classical upholstered furniture with an outstanding use of our numerous crafts in order to fulfill a wider variety of demands in a fast changing market.

Modern Beds

Think of italian design for a moment.
Comfort is the first thing that comes to mind, then comes beauty, next is functionality, after comes versatility and last but not least, technicality.

Like a good plate of pasta, all these ingredients are fundamental in the final result. You can find all of them in our modern collection.

Classic Beds

Like a classical symphony is to the human ear, so is classic upholstery to the human eye. From a chesterfield headboard to the gold leaf decoration,
all our techniques, though industrial and in series, bring to the client a perfect combination between the Rinascimento and the Contemporary art movement.

Bedroom Collections

Discover with just one click all the FPMTuttomobili’s bedroom collections and dive into the world of modern, contemporary and classical furniture.


In this cosmopolitan world there is one piece of furniture, upon which our health is most dependent upon today, and we are not talking about the mattress. 

Today the sofa is a mattress, a bed, a chair, an armchair and finally it is also a sofa.